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How it works

What is repricing software?

Repricing software allows a seller to update their inventory prices instantly and automatically, on multiple channels with customized prices for each channel. Repricing is at the heat of any seller strategy. 


Why does Market Repricer offer the best adjustment response time on the market? 

All the repricing solutions on the market are connected by API (Application Programming Interface) to one or more marketplaces that have technical constraints affecting the speed of price updates.
Market Repricer is based on an intelligent algorithm that makes it possible to adjust your prices across connected marketplaces every 5 minutes.
On Amazon, Market Repricer is almost instantaneous! As soon as a competitor changes its price, the software receives a real time notification from the marketplace, and can apply a new pricing, giving you the best chances of getting the Buy Box.

How it works

No, with Market Repricer you: 

  • control your pricing policy by defining acceptable limits for each product (minimum/floor price and maximum/ceiling price) based on cost and market expectations,
  • adapt your repricing strategy according to the true competition, as you can ignore less scrupulous competitors with a much lower rating,
  • increase your sales volume by getting the Buy Box more easily,
  • optimize your margins by automating your price increases (based on the maximum price you have set) when you no longer have competitors.

Market Repricer doesn’t only allow automatic price adjustment on Amazon, the system works with more than 30 marketplaces worldwide!

Absolutely! Prices can be customized by product reference and by marketplace, offering almost infinite possibilities. 

With Market Repricer,
  • your product prices are adjusted/repriced automatically every 5 minutes,
  • the very first time you use it, you benefit from the fastest price adjustment frequency on the market!
The time depends on various factors along the repricing process:
Détail des étapes suivies par toute solution de repricing pour mettre à jour un prix sur une place de marché :

1 – Frequency at which the repricing system is run
(Market Repricer runs the script to check your competitors’ prices every 5 minutes)
2 – Catalog browsing time
(a few seconds for less than 1,000 product references to several minutes for several thousand product references)
3 – Time for the marketplace to accept the price adjustment request
(varies depending on the technical constraints of the marketplace and quotas restricting the number of updates per customer)
Specific feature for Amazon: An instantaneous repricing
To reprice your products on Amazon, Market Repricer uses a standard, no-cost solution that lets Amazon notify you of any price changes made by one of your competitors on a product-by-product basis.
With Market Repricer, steps 1 and 2 above are no longer necessary, guaranteeing you almost instantaneous repricing on all Amazon marketplaces around the world!
The Buy Box concept was created by Amazon to simplify purchasing for consumers by listing a single offer to them for a same product sold by several merchants.
Sur Amazon elle permet au client d’acheter en un clic (sur le bouton jaune “Ajouter au panier”) le produit recherché et c’est le vendeur qui a obtenu la Buy Box qui va remporter la vente.
To award the Buy Box to a merchant, marketplaces use an algorithm (still confidential) to analyze the merchant’s competing offers. Criteria to compare the offers include:
– Selling price of the product
– Merchant reviews
– Quality of service provided by the merchant (number of late deliveries, refunds or customer disputes, response time to customers’ e-mails)
In other words, if you have a perfect quality of service, a good pricing and a quality product, you will maximize your chances of winning the Buy Box!
Market Repricer helps you get the best price compared to your competitors!
Sellers getting the Buy Box are promoted by the marketplace itself. Winning the Buy Box: 
  • ranks you ahead of the competition and one click away from a new sale.
  • is naturally synonymous with strong sales growth.
With its high-frequency repricing system, Market Repricer helps you get the best price, the key factor in winning the Buy Box.
Align your repricing strategy with your competitors! 
To avoid getting into an uncontrolled price war, Market Repricer has the advantage of not comparing you to less scrupulous competitors with a much lower rating than yours.
In order to do that, our account management interface lets you refine your repricing policy based on your competitors reviews; and it works for each marketplace!

Market Repricer works with more than 30 marketplaces around the world, whatever the language or currency.

For practical reasons, a Market Repricer account is operated with a single currency; if you use marketplaces in foreign currencies, an automatic conversion is made using the prevailing exchange rates when the new price is published.

If you no longer have competitors, the repricer will increase your sales price to the maximum price you have set, ensuring you optimize your margins!

You can reprice your catalog for an unlimited number of products. Pricing varies according to the number of ads and not to the number of product. Beyond 250,000 ads, you will be contacted by a sales representative to adapt your pricing plan to your volume of activity.

For example, if you have 10,000 products in your catalog and you sell on 5 marketplaces, you have a total of 50,000 ads (below the 250,000 ad threshold).

The repricer is active as soon as you configure a minimum price and a maximum price on your listings!
Vous pouvez suivre ensuite l’évolution de vos prix de vente TTC directement depuis l’interface “Mes Annonces”.

You can also check the following columns of the listing:

  •  la colonne “Statut” de l’annonce qui indique la valeur “En ligne, Envoi en cours…” lorsque vous venez de modifier un des prix (prix minimum, prix maximum ou prix de vente TTC)
  • la colonne “Dernière mise à jour du prix” qui indique la date de la dernière modification du prix de vente dans Market Repricer avant publication sur les places de marchés concernées
  • la colonne “Position” qui indique lorsque le repricing a été effectué votre position par rapport à vos concurrents ainsi que la date depuis laquelle votre annonce est à cette position

Please note: If you specify a zero price, the repricer does not work for this product.

Market Repricer works with the main marketplaces but does not work with e-commerce sites that are not marketplaces.

Yes! Market Repricer is compatible with all automatic feed management tools such as Channel Advisor, Linnworks, Market Invaders, Lengow, Shoppingfeed, Iziflux, etc.

Yes, Market Repricer offers a set of reports detailing your activity over time by marketplace and for all your marketplaces. 

Reports available: 

  • performance indicators over a defined period of time: total sales, number of orders, total value of orders, number of Buy Boxes, share of Buy Boxes, number of lowest prices, share of lowest prices.
  • a history showing the changes in sales, number of orders, number of Buy Boxes, number of lowest prices. 

Yes, in order to limit the risk of error when importing bulk prices, Market Repricer automatically performs the following blocking consistency checks:

  • If you import a maximum price < the selling price, the modification of the maximum price will be refused.
  • If you import a maximum price < the minimum price, the modification of the maximum price will be refused.
  • If you import a selling price > at the maximum price, the modification of the selling price will be refused.
  • If you import a selling price < the minimum price, the modification of the selling price will be refused.
  • If you import a minimum price > the maximum price, the modification of the minimum price will be refused.
  • If you import a minimum price > at the selling price, the modification of the minimum price will be refused.
  • If one of the 3 prices (minimum price, sales price, maximum price) varies by at least 70%, the modification will be refused (for example if you import prices reduced by 69%, the update on the market places concerned will be carried out).

Vérifiez toujours les fichiers de prix importés car toute variation de prix sera prise en compte et publiée sur les places de marché concernées (hormis pour les contrôles de cohérence bloquants).