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What is repricing software?

Repricing software allows a seller to update their inventory prices instantly and automatically, on multiple channels with customized prices for each channel. Repricing is at the heat of any seller strategy. 


Why does Market Repricer offer the best adjustment response time on the market? 

All the repricing solutions on the market are connected by API (Application Programming Interface) to one or more marketplaces that have technical constraints affecting the speed of price updates. 
Market Repricer is based on an intelligent algorithm that makes it possible to adjust your prices across connected marketplaces every 5 minutes.
On Amazon, Market Repricer is almost instantaneous! As soon as a competitor changes its price, the software receives a real time notification from the marketplace, and can apply a new pricing, giving you the best chances of getting the Buy Box.

Subscription and Integration

On Market Repricer, subscribing to the offer and integrating your marketplace accounts is completely automated!
1 – Sign up: Just sign up to the Market Repricer offer by registering on this site
2 - Integrate your listings: Once your account is validated, connect your marketplace accounts and your offers will be integrated automatically.

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Subscription is fast and easy:

  • Fill out a form
  • Select a payment method
  • Accept our terms and conditions

Your account is activated, you can start repricing for free during 14 days!

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Market Repricer wanted to make your life easy with a 100% online listing integration. vous gardez la main avec un processus simple et rapide :
  • 1 - Select the marketplace
  • 2 - Enter your marketplace credentials into Market Repricer
  • 3 - If required by the marketplace (i.e. Amazon), authorize Market Repricer to access your accounts
  • 4 - Set the minimum and maximum prices for each product appearing now on Market Repricer back office. You can do it by product on Market Repricer or in bulk by exporting and importing a CSV file
  • You are all set to reprice!
  • vous commencez à repricer !
No, you don’t. As a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, Market Invader is accessible online 24/7 from any browser. You only need your username and password and you are good to go.

No, you don't. All updates are automatically applied to your solution.

Market Repricer is a SaaS application that is quickly deployed whatever the size of your company (VSE, SME or Enterprise).
Once connected, all features will be available with no need for a developer.

Market Repricer lets you create as many user accounts as you need at no extra cost!